Friday, June 4, 2010

Matthew's eye surgery

Matthew had surgery on his eyes last Tuesday to correct his strabismus. All went well, he has freaky looking blood in his eyes, but the doctor stated that it will go away in a couple of weeks. He does not seem to be in any pain.

He now is going to pre-school, he has an aid to help keep him safe, and to try and keep him focused. With the exception of initial separation anxiety he is doing very well.

Also, I would like to say happy birthday to my wonderful wife, she is very patient and has relentless dedication to our family. I love you.


Dawn said...

Cam had surgery to correct alternating strabismus when he was three also. After his recovery, he drew a picture of me with a big smile on my face. He had never drawn anything prior to that time! Look forward to great things! YAY Matthew and Happy Birthday Kim!

Kristen said...

My daughter (who is almost 3) also has RS and she had surgery to correct her strabismus when she was around 1. It was such a miracle. Her eyes are so close to perfect you can hardly tell and the redness went away within a week.

The Sanchez Family said...

Our son Joaquin will be having eye surgery at the end of the year. Would love to hear how it goes! Who was his eye doctor?
Also, we are moving to Rocklin and I'm wondering what preschool he is in? Our two youngest have special needs and so we will be looking at our preschool options there!
Matthew is DARLING!!!

MaggieL said...

Dear Russ, I have recently come across your site and would like to thank you for posting it. My as yet unborn grandchild has been diagnosed with rhombencephalosyanapsis and we are still waiting to see how things will be when the little one is born. It was so helpful to find your site and see how well Matthew is doing. I see no further posts since 2010 so am hoping that all is going OK for you. We live in Australia and I woul like to stay connected.

Emilene Oliveira Dal Bello said...

Russ, I see your site, I am brasilian and I don't speak english, but i try and would like to thank you. My son has been diagnosed with Gomez Lopez Hernandez, he is 9 years old and would like to talk with you, I wonder if they have something else in common, they have many similar things. Thank you.